Who We Are.

Explore . . . Experience . . . Educate.

(Our Mantra)

These are the core values Source Tree has formulated its’ products on. We are not just about travelling though, but about change. Whether that change is inside yourself, or change that you brought about, we believe that our tours and experiences approach travel differently.

What kind of traveller seeks us out? People destined for more, explorers not content with seeing the wonderful world on a screen. “Postcard Warriors” wanting to write back home and say “Come join me!”. Anyone with a love for the unknown and the want to know more. And once you’ve been here, delved into our culture, our food and our beloved country, we are sure a piece of your heart will remain in Africa forever.

Our Background

Source Tree was established in 2014 by husband and wife team – Géran and Michelle Raath. After leaving the Motion Picture industry in 2008 they started a new life, with their 2 daughters, on the family farm in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Wildlife has always been the family business and after learning the ropes of running the lodge and the Wildlife Veterinary courses that were established in 1998, it was time to take on more responsibility. Source Tree was born. A Travel/Experience/Education company set on responsible tourism and opening minds to the unique and beautiful country that is South Africa. The wildlife courses, in the Lowveld area near Kruger National Park, have brought over 2000 participants, who have learned to love Africa and all she has to offer.

In 2019 we realised that we have more to offer. 2 more products are being launched. Photography Tours and Shire Moon Equestrian Experience. We have come to the conclusion that all the people we have met over the years from far away places want to come back and experience this place a bit differently.